Concepts and Discourses

Session Chair: Andres Kurg, Estonian Academy of Arts

Beyond the Dead End: From Urban Design to Designed Urbanisation
Nitin Bathla, ETH Zürich

Lazar Khiedekel’s Urban Design Approach: Alternative Models for the City-Density
Domenico Chizzoniti, Politecnico di Milano
Elisa Maruelli, Sapienza Università di Roma

Ludwig Hilberseimer’s Plan for Chicago
Scott Colman, Rice University

The Power of the Tower: Nicolas Schöffer’s Tour Lumière Cybernetique for La Défense 1962–1973
Nina Stener Jørgensen, Estonian Academy of Arts

History and the City in Der Städtebau
Isabel Rousset, Curtin University

Back to What City? Perspectives on Urban Design in Norwegian Discourse and the Grønland-Vaterland Project 1983–90
Guttorm Ruud, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design