Registration for ‘Histories of Urban Design: Global Trajectories, Local Realities’ is now open. The conference fee is 100 euros. To participate in the conference dinner, an additional 60 euros will be charged.

Conference participants also have the opportunity to pre-purchase the forthcoming book Urban Design in the 20th Century: A History (Zürich, gta Verlag, 2021) at a discounted price. In this book, Tom Avermaete and Janina Gosseye examine more than one hundred well-known and lesser-known urban design projects and initiatives, which have all been richly illustrated, to present a history of the development of the discipline, from the turn of the 20th century to today.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Housing and the Industrial City
Chapter 2: Cities and Ideologies
Chapter 3: Envisioning Urban Utopias
Chapter 4: Reconstructing the City, Constructing New Towns
Chapter 5: New Capitals for New Democracies, New Institutions for Old Democracies
Chapter 6: Rethinking Masterplanning
Chapter 7: Countercultural Experiments with Urbanity
Chapter 8: Finding Meaning in the Postmodern City
Chapter 9: Open-ended Strategies for Imploding Cities