Infrastructure and Mobility

Session Chair: Carola Hein, TUDelft

Injecting Traffic and a New Civic Realm: A Historic Mismatch for Zurich?
André Bideau, Accademia di architettura Mendrisio / ETH Zürich

The Granite Forest of Seattle, Washington
Barbara Boifava, Iuav University of Venice

The Hartford Conference: A Clash of Disciplinary Autonomies
Romina Canna, IE School of Architecture and Design

The Road. Or a Venice that Never Was
Ludovico Centis, IUAV University of Venice / Architectural Association School of Architecture

Wood Sheds and Fuel Pumps: The Contestation of Urban Energy Transitions in Montréal, 1945-1960
Clarence Hatton-Proulx, INRS / Sorbonne Université

Metanopoli or the ‘City of Methane’
Giulia Scotto, University of Basel