Urban Design Pedagogies

Session Chair: Janina Gosseye, TUDelft

Dalibor Vesely’s Philosophy of the City
Joseph Bedford, Virginia Tech

A Middle Ground between Beaux-Arts and Modernism: Joseph Hudnut, William Wurster, and Urban Design at Harvard and Berkeley
Chin-Wei Chang, University College London

Tools of Urban Design: Figure-Ground Maps versus the Plan Game
Esin Komez Daglioglu, METU
Cansu Turk, Turkish National Commission for UNESCO

Cooperation and Conflict at ILA&UD: Urban Design Pedagogy in Twentieth-century Summer Schools
Hamish Lonergan, ETH Zürich

Urban Design Before ‘Urban Design’: Collaborative Planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in the 1940s
Anna Vallye, Connecticut College / University of Basel