Urban Divides

Session Chair: Hannah Leroux, University of Witwatersrand

Urban Design at the Regional Scale: Telesis and the Bay Area Ideal
Margaret Crawford, University of California Berkeley

‘The Sick City – Various Recipes to Cure the Reed Belt and the Vowel Manual Without a Master’: Urban design, Architecture and the Struggle for the City in a Portuguese Colony
Lisandra Franco de Mendonça, University of Minho / TU Berlin

The Use of the Earth for the Good of Man: Constructing Race at the Urban Periphery in the US New Deal
Jeffrey Kruth, Miami University

Inhabiting the Coastal Desert: Urban Design and Colonization in Angola
Magarida Quintã, University of Lisbon

Making Charleston Modern: Urban Transformation and Racial Exclusion in the New South
Nathaniel Robert Walker, The College of Charleston